Dynamic Innovations

Many older marijuana smokers have very different memories of purchasing marijuana in their youth and how it was used. It seemed much simpler. Language like Indica and Sativa did not exist in our vocabulary. We purchased what we needed, or could afford, and got busy with our daily fun. There were however words we were very familiar with. Magical words like Acapulco Gold; Panama Red; Columbian Gold; Maui Wowie; Michoacán; and Thai Stick. These words had influence. They had power! A whisper of any one of them could put a hush on a Keg party. These strains are back! Not just back as they once were. They are back in a 21st century, high tech way. Can you imagine taking the super seeds of old, germinating them, exposing their entire life cycle through 24/7 enhanced next generation TLC! The results are more exciting than Christmas morning at age 10! It's happening now at Northwest Advantage!

Nostalgic champion super strains, with a 21st century spin. A cosmic RIPTIDE spin!!