About Us

It is important that you understand the Northwest Advantage business model and objectives.

The management of this quaint little Northwest Advantage facility on Oregon's central coast is vigilantly committed to finding the best cannabis and CBD products being produced by state-licensed industry members throughout the state.

  • OLCC Licensed Indoor/Outdoor Top 10 Farms
  • Highly educated and experienced cultivators who are proud of their accomplishments
  • 21st century hydroponics facilities utilizing soils (enhancements); waters; foods; lighting; temp control; diverse; dynamic; passion;... and much more!
  • Rock solid past performance
  • Exceptional cannabis producing reputations established by quality of products (Not Personal Statements)
  • Best Value
  • Transparent commitment to excellence through the superior product development

These things, and more result in the best Cannabis and CBD products being produced in our state finding their way to the IN-STORE shelves and e-commerce website. This detailed level of world-class Cannabis/CBD industry athlete analysis is essential to this companies' business model. This process of mandatory requirements for vetting products to be considered for availability at the NW Advantage provides our customers with the highest quality products available.

The licensed producers/processors in the state of Oregon that can be accurately evaluated as having the facilities, qualifications and skillsets outlined above, are the only industry members that can be correctly defined as World-Class manufacturers.

The NW Advantage can only purchase from our Oregon Champions. We feel confident that there are no shortages of world-class manufacturers in Oregon and we are committed to the following:

Cannabis seeds and CBD oil cannabis extract, green hemp leaf background, Medical cannabis concept.
Northwest Advantage
  • Finding them
  • Validating their treasures and talents
  • Negotiating a fair (best value) deal for all
  • Getting those world class products in the store, and on the e-commerce website
  • Offering the world’s best to everyone that visits our outlets
  • Providing a buffet of high quality products that accommodates everyone's needs
  • Especially those who are like most of us, who want high quality at a reasonable price