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Social CBD Tincture Oil Drops Peppermint

CBD Tincture Drops combine full-spectrum, pure, organically grown CBD enriched hemp extract combined with essential oils.


Enjoy restful sleep after using this aromatic bath and body oil containing 500mg CBD plus essential oils including Lavender and Ylang Ylang.


Say goodbye to your aches, pains and strains with this cooling CBD roll-on. Deliver direct relief at the source. Now in a larger size with 750mg of CBD.


It’s a dream come true! Snacking on delicious candy that will make you feel better! Try every flavor; Watermelon, Blueberry, Blackberry or Sour Watermelon.


Soothe those tired, sore muscles and moisturize at the same time with this CBD infused topical lotion enriched with organic aloe and essential oils.


Take advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties in this CBD infused topical lotion containing 300mg full-spectrum cannabis CBD.